Emergency Support number:  888-774-8020

Press # 2 

In addition to our regular support desk hours, One, Inc. has implemented a 24 hr. 7 days a week answering service in the event of an emergency support issues that occurs during or after regular business hours.

An emergency support issue is defined as follows: 

"Urgent Malfunction” shall mean a problem which renders the Software or a major component of the Software inoperative; causes a significant and on-going interruption to the end-user’s activities; causes an unrecoverable loss or corruption of data; causes any event involving the compromise or potential compromise of Confidential Information, including, without limitation, or unauthorized access of Customer Data. 


1. Submit a help-desk request using the customer portal and select Urgent status AND;
2. Please call 888-774-8020 and Press #2 for emergency support. A representative will gather your information and promptly notify our support team.
3. An on-call technician will return the call immediately to assist with the emergency.