In order to access our VPN, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Ensure that you have access to the following and if not create a support ticket requesting access by e-mailing

  • Users need access to VPN to:
  • Users need access to:  dc2-ssas01.oneinc.local

2. Go to Start and Search for AnyConnect (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client)

            If not found you will need to install the VPN client via the link provided by the support team (or attached below)


3. When you click on the Cisco VPN you will see this window


    *Click Connect

4. Enter your e-mail credentials as provided by the Support Team and click OK

5. If successful, there will be a dialogue box from the Cisco AnyConnect client going to show if the VPN has successfully connected. Also, a padlock on top of the Cisco icon in your taskbar will mean that you have connected to the specified VPN.

6. Once VPN connection is established, open MS Excel then go to the Data tab – From Database – From Analysis Services

7. Type-in inside the Server name “dc2-ssas01.oneinc.local” and choose Use the following User Name and Password option for the Log on credentials option. Use the same username and password given to access VPN.

        *Some directories may require the user to input “ONEINC\” prior to your username*

            i.e. “ONEINC\username” instead of just “username”

8. Once it’s successfully connected, select the database that contains the data you want and choose among the selections of available Data Cubes similar to as seen below. After selecting the desired Data Cube, click Finish.

9. Select how you want to view this data in your workbook & choose where you want to put the data. After it’s done, click OK to complete.

10. Set now the Pivot Table fields and its components (Filter, Columns, Rows, Vales, etc.) and begin viewing data per your specifications.

Common Errors

As always, feel free to contact the One, Inc. support team should you have any problems when attempting to connect to a VPN by the following methods:

Generate a support ticket by e-mailing

Phone: 888-774-8020 (option 1)

Our regular phone support hours are Monday to Friday 6am-5pm PST

  • “An error was encountered in the transport layer”


This error is obtained when you are attempting to connect to the One, Inc. database server and are connected to another VPN. Be sure that you disconnect ALL prior VPN connections prior to starting this process as you cannot be connected to 2 VPNs simultaneously when trying to connect to DataOne.