Credit Card Response Codes

The following list reflects all currently defined Credit Card response reason codes. 

For the most common codes returned by the Card Issuers, the list includes an action field that suggests the best probable course of action to take based on the code returned. If you are receiving codes not listed here, please contact One Inc. Support. The following KEY describes the Column Headings and the values appearing in the columns.

Response codes are found on failed Credit Card transactions. To locate, search for transaction under transaction search. Highlight the failed transaction and select "Transaction Details". When opened, click on Gateway Info tab.

Within the Gateway Response section, you will find the ResponseReasonCode number.

Note: Not all codes will be received on an authorization. Some codes are for deposit/conditionals only

TypeS = Successful Response Codes
R = Reject Response Codes
D = Decline Response Codes
Code3‐digit response code
NameDescription of the response code
ActionResend = Send this transaction back at any time
Wait = Wait 2‐3 days before sending back, or try to resolve with your customer
Cust. = Try to resolve with customer, or get an alternate method of payment
Fix = There is an invalid field being sent Fix and resend
N/A = Not applicable


D000No AnswerResendPayment Processor received no answer from auth network
S100ApprovedN/ASuccessfully approved
S101ValidatedN/AAccount Passed edit checks
S102VerifiedN/AAccount Passed external negative file
S103Pre-NotedN/APassed Pre-Note
S104No Reason to DeclineN/ASuccessfully approved
S105Received and StoredN/ASuccessfully approved
S106Provided AuthN/ASuccessfully approved NoteIndicates customized code was used in processing
S107Request ReceivedN/ASuccessfully approved NoteIndicates customized code was used in processing
S108Approved for ActivationN/ASuccessfully Activated
S109Previously Processed TransactionN/ATransaction was not re-authorized with the Debit Network because it was previously processed
S110BIN AlertN/ASuccessfully approved Note: Indicates customized code was used in processing
S111Approved for PartialN/ASuccessfully approved NoteIndicates customized code was used in processing
S164Conditional ApprovalWaitConditional Approval - Hold shipping for 24 hours
R201Invalid CC NumberCustBad check digit, length, or other credit card problem
R202Bad Amount Nonnumeric AmountFixAmount sent was zero, unreadable, over ceiling limit, or exceeds maximum allowable amount.
R203Zero AmountFixAmount sent was zero
R204Other ErrorFixUnidentifiable error
R205Bad Total Auth AmountFixThe sum of the authorization amount from extended data information does not equal detail record authorization Amount. Amount sent was zero, unreadable, over ceiling limit, or exceeds Maximum allowable amount.
R218Invalid SKU NumberFixNon‐numeric value was sent
R219Invalid Credit PlanFixNon‐numeric value was sent
R220Invalid Store NumberFixNon‐numeric value was sent
R225Invalid Field DataFixData within transaction is incorrect
R227Missing Companion DataFixSpecific and relevant data within transaction is absent
R229Percents do not total 100FixFPO monthly payments do not total 100 NoteFPO only
R230Payments do not total 100FixFPO monthly payments do not total 100 NoteFPO only
R231Invalid Division NumberFixDivision number incorrect
R233Does not match MOPFixCredit card number does not match method of payment type or invalid BIN
R234Duplicate Order NumberFixUnique to authorization recycle transactions. Order number already exists in system NoteAuth Recycle only
R235FPO LockedResendFPO change not allowed NoteFPO only
R236Auth Recycle Host System DownResendAuthorization recycle host system temporarily unavailable NoteAuth Recycle only
R237FPO Not ApprovedCallDivision does not participate in FPO. 
R238Invalid CurrencyFixCurrency does not match Payment Processor's merchant setup for division
R239Invalid MOP for DivisionFixMethod of payment is invalid for the division
R240Auth Amount for DivisionFixUsed by FPO
R241Illegal ActionFixInvalid action attempted
R243Invalid Purchase Level 3FixData is inaccurate or missing, or the BIN is ineligible for P‐card
R244Invalid Encryption FormatFixInvalid encryption flag. Data is Inaccurate.
R245Missing or Invalid Secure Payment DataFixVisa or MasterCard authentication data not in appropriate Base 64 encoding format or data provided on A non‐e‐Commerce transaction.
R246Merchant not MasterCard Secure code EnabledCallDivision does not participate in MasterCard Secure Code. 
R247Check conversion Data ErrorFixProper data elements were not sent
R248Blanks not passed in reserved fieldFixBlanks not passed in Reserved Field
R249Invalid (MCC)FixInvalid Merchant Category (MCC) sent
R251Invalid Start DateFixIncorrect start date or card may require an issue number, but a start date was submitted.
R252Invalid Issue NumberFixIssue number invalid for this BIN.
R253Invalid Tran. TypeFixIf an “R” (Retail Indicator) is sent for a transaction with a MOTO Merchant Category Code (MCC)
R257Missing Cust Service PhoneFixCard was authorized, but AVS did not match. The 100 was overwritten with a 260 per the merchant’s request NoteConditional deposits only
R258Not Authorized to Send RecordCallDivision does not participate in Soft Merchant Descriptor.
D260Soft AVSCust.Authorization network could not reach the bank which issued the card
R261Account Not Eligible For Division’s SetupN/AAccount number not eligible for division’s Account Updater program setup
R262Authorization Code Response Date InvalidFixAuthorization code and/or response date are invalid. NoteMOP = MC, MD, VI only
R263Partial Authorization Not Allowed or Partial Authorization Request Note ValidFixAction code or division does not allow partial authorizations or partial authorization request is not valid.
R264Duplicate Deposit TransactionN/ATransaction is a duplicate of a previously deposited transaction. Transaction will not be processed.
R265Missing QHP AmountFixMissing QHP Amount
R266Invalid QHP AmountFixQHP amount greater than transaction amount
R274Transaction Not SupportedN/AThe requested transaction type is blocked from being used with this card.
Note:  This may be the result of either an association rule, or a merchant boarding option.
D301Issuer unavailableResendAuthorization network could not reach the bank which issued the card
D302Credit FloorWaitInsufficient funds
D303Processor DeclineCust.Generic decline – No other information is being provided by the Issuer
D304Not On FileCust.No card record, or invalid/nonexistent to account specified
D305Already ReversedN/ATransaction previously reversed. Note: MOP = any Debit MOP, SV, MC, MD, VI only
D306Amount MismatchFixRequested reversal amount does not match original approved authorization amount. NoteMOP = MC, MD, VI only
D307Authorization Not FoundFixTransaction cannot be matched to an authorization that was stored in the database. NoteMOP = MC, MD, VI only
R351TransArmor Service UnavailableResendTransArmor Service temporarily unavailable.
D352Expired LockCust.ValueLink - Lock on funds has expired.
R353TransArmor Invalid Token or PANFixTransArmor Service encountered a problem converting the given Token or PAN with the given Token Type.
R354TransArmor Invalid ResultCustTransArmor Service encountered a problem with the resulting Token/PAN.
D401CallVoiceIssuer wants voice contact with cardholder
D402Default CallVoiceDecline
D501PickupCustCard Issuer wants card returned
D502Lost/StolenCustCard reported as lost/stolen NoteDoes not apply to American Express
D503Fraud/ Security ViolationCustCID did not match NoteDiscover only
D505Negative FileCustOn negative file
D508Excessive PIN tryCustAllowable number of PIN tries exceeded
D509Over the limitCustExceeds withdrawal or activity amount limit
D510Over Limit FrequencyCustExceeds withdrawal or activity count limit
D519On negative fileCustAccount number appears on negative file
D521Insufficient fundsCustInsufficient funds/over credit limit
D522Card is expiredCustCard has expired
D524Altered DataFixAltered Data\Magnetic stripe incorrect
D530Do Not HonorCustGeneric Decline – No other information is being provided by the issuer. Note: This is a hard decline for BML (will never pass with recycle attempts)
D531CVV2/VAK FailureCustIssuer has declined auth request because CVV2 or VAK failed
D534Do Not Honor - High FraudCustThe transaction has failed PayPal or Google Checkout risk models
D570Stop payment order one time recurring/ installmentFixCardholder has requested this onrecurring/installment payment be stopped.
D571Revocation of Authorization for All Recurring / InstallmentsCustCardholder has requested alrecurring/installment payments be stopped
D572Revocation of All Authorizations – Closed AccountCustCardholder has requested that alauthorizations be stopped for this account due to closed account. Note: Visa only
D580Account previously activatedCustAccount previously activated
D581Unable to voidFixUnable to void
D582Block activation failedFixReserved for Future Use
D583Block Activation FailedFixReserved for Future Use
D584Issuance Does Not Meet Minimum AmountFixIssuance does not meet minimum amount
D585No Original Authorization FoundN/ANo original authorization found
D586Outstanding Authorization, Funds on HoldN/AOutstanding Authorization, funds on hold
D587Activation Amount IncorrectFixActivation amount incorrect
D588Block Activation FailedFixReserved for Future Use
D589CVD Value FailureCustMagnetic stripe CVD value failure
D590Maximum Redemption Limit MetCustMaximum redemption limit met
D591Invalid CC NumberCustBad check digit, length or other credit card problem. Issuer generated
D592Bad AmountFixAmount sent was zero or unreadable. Issuer generated
D594Other ErrorFixUnidentifiable error. Issuer generated
D595New Card IssuedCustNew Card Issued
D596Suspected FraudCustIssuer has flagged account as suspected fraud
D599Refund Not AllowedN/ARefund Not Allowed
D602Invalid Institution CodeFixCard is bad, but passes MOD 10 check digit routine, wrong BIN
D603Invalid InstitutionCustInstitution not valid (i.e. possible merger)
D605Invalid Expiration DateCustCard has expired or bad date sent. Confirm proper date
D606Invalid Transaction TypeCustIssuer does not allow this type of transaction
D607Invalid AmountFixAmount not accepted by network. (This response is provided by the card issuer.)
D610BIN BlockCustMerchant has requested Payment Processor to not process credit cards with this BIN
S704FPO AcceptedN/AStored in FPO database
R740Match FailedFixUnable to validate the debit.
Authorization Record - based on amount, action code, and MOP (Batch response reason code for Debit Only)
R/D741Validation FailedFixUnable to validate the Debit
Authorization Record - based on amount, action code, and MOP (Batch response reason code for Debit Only)
R/D750Invalid Transit Routing NumberFixEC - ABA transit routing number is invalid, failed check digit
R/D751Transit Routing Number UnknownFixTransit routing number not on list of current acceptable numbers.
R752Missing NameFixPertains to deposit transactions only
R753Invalid Account TypeFixPertains to deposit transactions only
R/D754Account ClosedCustBank account has been closed For PayPal and GoogleCheckout – the customer’s account was closed / restricted
R755Subscriber Number Does Not ExistCustNo Account/Unable to Locate
R758Subscriber Number Not ActiveCustAccount Frozen
R/D760ACH Non-ParticipantCust.EC – Banking Institution does not accept
ACH transactions
D776Duplicate CheckCustDuplicate Transaction
D777Original transaction was not approvedCustOriginal not approved
D787Rejected Code 3 (Risk)CustDecline High Risk
D788Refund or partial amount is > original sale amountFixRefund Greater than original sale
D802Positive IDVoiceIssuer requires further information
D806RestraintCustCard has been restricted
D811Invalid Security CodeFixAmerican Express CID is incorrect
D813Invalid PINCustPIN for online debit transactions is incorrect
D825No AccountCustAccount does not exist
D833Invalid MerchantFixService Established (SE) number is incorrect, closed or Issuer does not allow this type of transaction
R834Unauthorized UserFixMethod of payment is invalid for the division
D902Process UnavailableResend/ Call/ Cust.System error/malfunction with Issuer For Debit – The link is down or setup issue; contact One Inc. Support
D903Invalid ExpirationCustInvalid or expired expiration date
D904Invalid EffectiveCust./ ResendCard not active
D997Acquirer ErrorCallAcquiring bank configuration problem