Please use this guild to ensure required details are included when opening any ticket. This helps resolve issues quicker!

The following fields are required

Summary: enter a summary (1 sentence or phrase) which describes the issue - state the problem not the solution.

Background - usually a "story" about what's going on – did something recently change etc.

Include screenshots, files and any policies, quotes, or users affected (Both the quantity and actual users)

Include the following sections in the ticket description:

Steps to Reproduce - provided by the customer, these steps are a list of actions that must be done in Policy Managment to demonstrate and recreate the problem.

Expect Results - what the business expects to happen at the end of Steps to Reproduce. It is often a good idea to research old requirements to make sure customer expectations match internal expectations (what we designed).

Actual Results - what system is actually doing at the end of Steps to Reproduce

Special Case: Exception errors should include date and time that error occurred.


  • When did the problem start?
  • How many Internal users are impacted?
  • How many external agents/insured are impacted?
  • Steps to reproduce the issue is required for every ticket!
  • "Exception is thrown when [the event that causes error]."


  • "[Blank] is not working"
  • ‘Please fix [Blank]”
  • I got blank error

Environment - select the environment(s) in which the bug was found (or can be reproduced) with version number if possible.



Priority: Select the priority of the support ticket. For assistance with determining the priority, please see our guide "How do I determine what Priority my support issue is?" in our General FAQ page.